Friday, November 04, 2005

iF001: Irregular Frequency

Stage One Is Go!

Ok ya'll - is officially up and running.

Basically, just click around and explore what little there is to date.

The best part, and the sole purpose of this post, is the fact that you can now download the first episode of iF: Irregular Frequency!

Simply click on the radio to listen to a sample the podcast.

Click here for the iF001 Podcast Setlist

Anxious to hear any and all feedback.


Your Pal,

Ad of The Week

Hmmm. Coffee Beer...

Dig the latest from those ingenious Swiss dudes: Coffee-beer, a “fermented coffee beverage” that has been patented in every major market around the world by Nestac (part of the Nestle empire). Coffee Beer is your basic super-caffeinated liquid that pours like a beer but smells like coffee. No alcohol included. To make it, coffee beans are roasted and the chemicals that contain the natural aroma are collected in a cryogenic condenser and then converted to coffee oil. The rest of the roast are ground into powder, mixed with yeast and sugar and fermented for 4 hours at 22 degrees Celsius. This way, the yeast still metabolises but doesn’t convert to alcohol. They then mix the oil in with the liquid and nitrogen and that is injected to make foam. Hmmm. Coffee beer...

Lots of other cool stuff at
Rumour has is they're working on Green Teaquila.

Not really. I just made that up. Sorry for wasting your time.

That's Right,