Monday, September 07, 2009

Happy Labor Day!

As Joe King Carrasco once sang:

Do what you gotta do to do what you wanna do. We all gotta work.

The above video features reasons 1-25 as to why I could never and will never work in a corporate environment. With all it's challenges and against all odds of ever being rich, whatever the hell that means, I truly love the freedom of working from home. And it's a good thing that I've always liked PBJ's and grilled cheese!

Sure, we all have our Monday mornings regardless of where or what you do to keep your lights on and days that never seem to end due to something technical, mechanical, unforeseen or having to do with dealing with clueless idiots that just can't quite grasp this thing we call communication and never miss an opportunity to drop the ball at the worst possible moment.

The above is my version of Hell. Not because of the fact that all this poor guy wanted to do was print out a copy of the page on his screen. As we all know too well - technology can be totally frustrating at times. The Hell to me is the opening shot. From the sterile, energy sucking bland white wall Orwelian environment, complete with fluorescent lighting and 24-7 cameras monitoring your every move to the cubicles, recycled air, unhappy coworkers, battling lame radio stations, gossip, nebulous deadlines, egos, upper management hacks, time sucker meetings, politics, bad coffee, long pants, ties... Ahhhhhhhh! That's right, Hell!

Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee;
Blessed art thou among women, and
Blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners,
now and at the hour of our death. Amen

I am feeling so lucky and blessed to be doing what I'm doing and where I am doing it right now. For anyone still stuck, remember, there are options.

Sure, the cubicle you spend 40-50 hours a week in means financial security, but really, how secure is anyone's job/career/life right now? Once you do the math - adding in your commute time, you begin to realize that out of the 5 days or 120 hours that makeup our ridiculously wasteful 5 day work week that you are in fact spending at least 65 of those hours (2.7 days!) every week doing something, being somewhere or spending time with people you pretty much dread!

If you like what you're getting, keep doing what you're doing, if you don't like what you're doing....

There's never been a better time to reevaluate everything, that's right, everything right now and follow one of your long forgotten dreams. Make a plan, including some hard cold sacrifices and take the first step to taking some serious control over your life - you can do it and trite as it may sound - Life really is too short to be anywhere that makes you unhappy.

Anyway... Don't forget to fill out your time sheet!

Peace and Happy Labor Day!

That's Right,