Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Beware Of Western Digital Hard Drives!

Long story short.

I bought a Western Digital My Book Pro 500GB drive 6 months ago as a backup drive. It worked great.

Two days ago I bought another Western Digital My Book Premium 320GB to backup the most crucial data on the WD 500GB.

As per Western Digital's web site, I downloaded the latest firmware upgrade from the WD site for both drives in an effort to daisy-chain the 2 NEW drives.

The 320 worked but when I plugged in the 500GB for only the second time since I bought it, the firmware upgrade failed and the drive is now dead!

Spent 3-4 hours trouble shooting and on the phone with Westen Digital and all they offer is a refurb replacement drive.

Data recovery for the 500GB drive starts at $400 just to look at it and up to $1,900!

I know that any and every drive has the potential to fail - my main beef is that Western Digital's firmware upgrade was aborted and made my 500GB drive unusable!

And here's 233 more comments about the fact that Western Digital is aware of this and other issues but really does not care: Western Digital Sucks!

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