Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas Rewind!

Happy Holidays! And as the Fab 4 once brilliantly observed: "Everywhere it's Christmas, at the end of every year!"

With that in mind - Wanna make your iPod super holiday happy and the hit of your next get together?

Well then, check this out...

Way back in 2005 I made it through the entire month of December, each and every day, posting some of my favorite and obscure Christmas gems.

If you missed it, fear not and behold the beauty and power of the blog!

Here's a day by day posting of some tasty December's goodies all on one page - and like most things in life that prove truly worthwhile, you're usually best off starting at the bottom (of the page!)

Enjoy and Happy Christmas!

Take Me Back: Audio Stocking Stuffers!

Everywhere it's Christmas at the end of every year!