Friday, January 23, 2009

I Ordered a Pie and Got A Cupcake!

Pizza according to Ciao La Vanderia...

Welcome to Ciao Lavanderia in Olmos Park, home of the 3 Bite Slice!

Wow. Thrilling. A bit of cheese and tomato on the first bite and then just crust.

Seriously, since when is a 7" pizza considered a large pizza?

What happened Ciao Lavanderia? You guys used to be friendly, generous and fun - now, unfortunately, you're just another eatery resting on your laurels wondering why your dining room is empty at 7:30 on a Thurday night...

Last night I called Ciao Lavanderia ahead of time and inquired about whether or not a large Margarita Pie would be enough for two adults - "Oh yes, it's 8 pieces and should be plenty" was the reply. Cool. We stopped at Don's & Ben's on Mc Cullough and got a bottle of red to take home with our dinner. (Don's & Ben's, by the way, not only has an awesome friendly staff - they've also got wine tasting on Thursday, Friday and Saturdays!)

We've eaten at Ciao a several times in the past and it's been really great so we decided try their pizza.

When I arrived to pick up my pie I felt like I was being Punk'd! I opened the tiny box and looked at the dinky and sparcely built Easy Bake Oven pizza inside and said -"You're kidding, right - you guys told me on the phone that this would easily feed two adults." "Sorry sir, that is our large pizza" he said taking my credit card.
I looked around the empty restaurant (suprise!) paid and left.

The condescending attitude from both the waiter and the manager after I called back only made things worse.

We live in Monte Vista, about a quarter of a mile from Ciao in Olmos Park, and decided to support the neighborhood only to be deceived by the staff and irritated by a manager who couldn't care less.

Had I not called ahead this would not have been such a big deal. The problem is that I did call ahead and was basically lied to. I ordered a pie and got a cupcake. Great place to eat if you're not hungry, like to waste money all while being treated like crap!

Ciao, as in goodbye indeed - another one bites the crust!

From now on, well stick with our old reliables like Pizza Volare, Florio's, Sorrento and Pizza Classic!

That's Right,