Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Nile FM

Nice stuff for Nile FM.

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South Padre Island Sunrise at Home

Discovery HD Theater, seizing on word-of-mouth and blog buzz around Sunrise Earth- an hour of panoramic sunrises shot in HD glory at exotic locations around the globe -- is looking for ways to offer marketing tie-ins to the show.

Though the program is 4 years old, it's now turning up everywhere from yoga classes to real-estate open houses as a plethora of HDTV owners turn into sun worshippers.

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I shot this sunrise on South Padre Island back in October of 2005, about the same time I thought of the exact same idea. Only my concept was always a live feed called Window to the World where you could sit at a cafe in Paris, enjoy the sunset at Eze or people watch on the Riverwalk in San Antonio.

Thanks to By Beth Snyder Bulik at Ad Age

Courageous Clients

Buzz-worthy campaigns turn ad-agency creatives into the cool kids of the moment. But behind every art director or creative cum rock star is a courageous client.

Meet the people who had the guts to greenlight last year's boldest advertising.

My personal favorite is the AMEX My Life My Card campaign. As Diego Scotti,VP of global advertising for American Express puts it - "Authenticity is the thing consumers respond to the most."

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