Tuesday, June 17, 2008

700 Palms

Wow. This is really a sweet casa!

The stunning 700 Palms Residence is a prime example of some wicked nice green and site-specific architecture.

Designed by Steven Ehrlich Architects, the striking structure mixes raw industrial materials with a polished modern aesthetic, making it a monument to eponymous SoCal style and a sustainable marvel in its own right. Its breezy construction seamlessly integrates outdoor spaces with a flowing interior floor plan that was carefully considered to address the freedoms and constraints of residential design in Venice, Los Angeles.

More: 700 Palms via Inhabitat.

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Thanks to Mike Chinco

Get Schooled

As the Learnlist website states: We're a simple resource for graphic designers, illustrators, web designers, developers, basically anyone creative! It lists the best websites and books available to help you learn something new!

Far from being super comprehensive, the LearnList is a nice resourse and not a bad place to start/contiune one's quest for knowledge.

Get schooled: The LearnList.

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