Thursday, June 25, 2009


ModKnobs is a brand new little company producing some really hip and modern door knobs.

As the story goes, Mary & Jeff, founders of ModKnobs, were remodeling their home and were having a really hard time finding cool, affordable doorknobs.

So, Jeff decided to design his own door knobs—with sleek lines, earth-friendly materials and superior lock sets, using, that's right, blue hockey pucks!

Everyone that came over to their house absolutely loved them, so they decided to start making them for other people, too. Like you.

My only gripe is the the 150US price tag. Ouch. I love the fact that they started out looking for an affordable solution, found one and have done a great job turning the concept into a nice little business with a simple, elegant and informative site - nice job, but as far as making them an affordable alternative for the masses, if that in fact is their intent, I think they sort of missed the mark.

Overall, ModKnobs, is a very cool and smart idea. But considering the state of the planet, and most people's budgets right now - let's just file this under: Design Out of Reach...

That's Right,


Gracias to Design Milk.