Monday, December 22, 2008

NPR Rocks!

If you're an NPR freak like I am then you'll totally appreciate the new NPR Mobile App!

Installation is wicked quick via the App Store right on your phone - you'll be streaming and bookmarking NPR stories in no time.

Really dig the bookmarking feature for both on-the-fly sharing and easy access for repeated listens.

Browsing through the 6 Main Menu features: Topics, Columns, Programs, Series, Bios and Music Genres puts you in complete control of most of your favorite shows. I say most because I haven't found Marketplace yet and I'm currently looking for the Station Finder Feature that I just read about... but I'm sure that's probably just a user error issue!

That's Right,


Thanks Gizmodo and NPR!

Mix Tape Portable DJ Mixer

Check out this sweet web exclusive from the cool kids over at Urban Outfitters. Now this is a REAL mix tape. The Mix Tape Portable DJ Mixer is a super compact mixing device that looks exactly like a cassette tape.

Featuring a smooth cross-fader, with dual 3.5mm stereo inputs, for use with iPods, iPhones, music-enabled cell phones, mp3 players or just about anything audio device.

Also includes a headphone monitor jack, perfect for cueing up your next track without missing a beat. Imported. Wipes clean.
Requires: 2 AAA batteries and it's Mac and PC compatible!


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