Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tell Your Story

Yo, Dell!
If you’re a designer, entrepreneur, or creative – you probably haven’t been asked for your resume in a long time. Instead, people Google you – and quickly assess your talents based on your website, portfolio, and social media profiles. Do they resonate with what you’re sharing? Do they identify with your story? Are you even giving them a story to wrap their head around?

Gone are the days of “Just the facts, M’am.” Instead we’re all trying to suss each other out in the relationship economy. Do I share something in common with you? How do we relate to each other? Are you relevant to my work?

That’s why the resume is on the out, and the bio is on the rise. People work with people they can relate to and identify with. Trust comes from personal disclosure. And that kind of sharing is hard to convey in a resume. Your bio needs to tell the bigger story. Especially, when you’re in business for yourself, or in the business of relationships. It’s your bio that’s read first.

Continue Reading Michael Margolis': The Resume Is Dead, The Bio Is King courtesy of the smart folks over at Behance and The 99%.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Studio Gorm: Small Space Genius

Wow, this is equally cool as it is smart.

Peg is a family of furniture from Studio Gorm with diverse parentage. The shaker peg rail, the korean wall hung table and the lowly shop broom. Peg is flexible furniture system made up of simple components, which can be assembled in a variety of ways to accommodate a multitude of scenarios. it can be just as easily disassembled, using no tools or fasteners. All components can be hung from a peg rail on the wall creating pleasing abstract compositions.

Studio Gorm is a collaboration between John Arndt and Wonhee Jeong. The two met while studying in the masters program at the design academy Eindhoven. they set up their studio in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Their office is now located in Eugene, Oregon where they also work in the product design program at the University of Oregon.

The peg system is available in douglas fir, hemlock, oak, ash, walnut and hickory.

Pure Small space genius!

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Sunday, May 08, 2011

Ready to Party Like It's 1999?

OK, Osama? Dead.

Lakers? Almost...

The last time the Lakers were swept was back in 1999 by, That's Right, The San Antonio Spurs!

Tune in, 2:30 ET for tipoff for Phil Jackson's last game, and, I thought I'd never say this...

Go Dallas!

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