Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tuk Tuk!

Sweet! Tuk Tuk North America has officially been granted both DOT and EPA approval for its line of Mitsubishi-powered three-wheelers. This means that the Tuk Tuk will be completely road legal here in the United States.

Sure, I don't think I'd want to drive one of these cross-crountry (though from what I've read and understand it's fully capable of such trips), but as a livinin-inside-the-loop, take me to the river errand-runner with a top speed of 55 miles per and it's priced under 11,000, this just might be the new official HMK Archive company sled!

Reminds me of my very first three-wheeler!

Miguel at 20 Months

More info over at: Green Auto and Ape Calessino.

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