Friday, January 26, 2007

Ultimate TV!

Ah the choices... Plasma, LCD, HD, 720, 1080...

I think I just found the perfect TV for the Tiki Room.

I'm going for Predicta's Holiday TV. It's the most cosmopolitan model and I totally dig how it subtly captures the geometries and lines essential to mid-century form.

Its 24" color screen on a hand crafted solid maple or mahagony cabinet rests in a brass antenna-like cradle lifting it off the table surface. Of all Predicta TV models, and perhaps true of all TVs ever produced, the Holiday's design is the most authentic to mid-century modern design. Its exaggerated sqaure box is complimented with exact square side cuts.

Removing the lower portion of the front cabinet creates a cantilevered effect while the weight and position of the tube provide harmony and balance:

You know you want one!

I Want My Cool TV! Predicta

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Top Brands of 2006

Well kids, Google has again topped Apple for the highest spot in a global brand ranking that also sees YouTube and Wikipedia debut in the top five, a survey showed on Friday.

The annual survey by online branding magazine often throws up controversial results, such as in 2004, when Arabic TV station Al Jazeera was named the world's fifth most influential brand.

This year the 3,625 branding professionals and students who voted have again surprised, awarding upstart firms star status when asked: "Which brand had the most impact on our lives in 2006?".

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