Friday, January 26, 2007

Ultimate TV!

Ah the choices... Plasma, LCD, HD, 720, 1080...

I think I just found the perfect TV for the Tiki Room.

I'm going for Predicta's Holiday TV. It's the most cosmopolitan model and I totally dig how it subtly captures the geometries and lines essential to mid-century form.

Its 24" color screen on a hand crafted solid maple or mahagony cabinet rests in a brass antenna-like cradle lifting it off the table surface. Of all Predicta TV models, and perhaps true of all TVs ever produced, the Holiday's design is the most authentic to mid-century modern design. Its exaggerated sqaure box is complimented with exact square side cuts.

Removing the lower portion of the front cabinet creates a cantilevered effect while the weight and position of the tube provide harmony and balance:

You know you want one!

I Want My Cool TV! Predicta

That's Right,


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  1. Anonymous10:32 AM

    Buy one! That would look sweet in the tiki room!