Wednesday, September 02, 2009

I'm Apt!

Finally! Searching through the 50,000 + apps in the iTunes app store is much easier when you’re not using the iTunes app store.

Freshly launched today, aims to be what iLounge is to the iPod and serve as the Go-To site when it comes to safely and effectively guiding you through the deep, dense dark jungle of the app discovery process.

The site uses its own system of algorithms called “AppRank” to make it easy and fast to find the right app for certain tasks. Search results appear in a easy to navigate center column along with options to refine your search.

With a couple of apps in development I'm apt to visit quite often.

Learn more:

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Thanks to Leander and the wicked smart folks over at Cult Of Mac.


I love Dutch design! Kubikids is an inflatable, square bath tub for children. It works by placing it in the shower stall, and then filling it with air, water and children, in that order.

It’s not uncommon for tiny Dutch apartments to lack a bathtub, in which case this device could add a luxury to an otherwise cramped place for at least part of the family.

The site is in Dutch: Kubikids.

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Thanks to 24 Oranges.