Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hamilton Wood Type Printing Museum

The Hamilton Manufacturing Co. traces its roots back to the very first wood types made in the United States. Darius Wells produced the first American wood type in 1828; his business was reorganized into Wells & Webb, then acquired by William Page, later passing back to the Wells family, and finally sold to Hamilton sometime before 1880. The product of this consolidation was a type specimen book issued in 1900, Hamilton’s Catalogue No. 14, which offers a good survey of American display typography of the nineteenth century.

Open to the public is the Hamilton Wood Type Printing Museum in Two Rivers, Wisconsin, a collection of 1.5 million pieces of wood type maintained by volunteers of the Two Rivers Historical Society. For at-home viewing, the calendar printer Unicorn Graphics has just launched their Web Museum of Wood Types and Ornaments, which offers a sundry collection of scans and photographs of American wood types — including every page of the great Catalogue No. 14.

Wow, you can almost smell the ink!

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Thanks to Hoefler & Frere-Jones

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Yo Adrian!

Yo Adrian!
That's Right! My Spurs clinched their first Southwest Division championship since 2005-06 after Wednesday's overtime victory vs New Orleans!

Go Spurs!

And hey, do y'all remember those Lakers Suck t-shirts I did way back in 2002, the original black and silver ones? (and by original I mean first), well check out the under-shirt of true blue Spurs fan Adrian, a waiter at the Oak Hills Country Club during the recent Recycled Style Show event.

And speaking of those Lakers Suck t-shirts, although I no longer sell the originals (my first batch of 144 sold out in 3 days!) there seems to be no shortage of lazy, lame knock offs available out there - I wish I could find a few versions that are closer to the version I did with the spur - I'd totally buy one!:

Here, here, here, and here!

I love it and I feel like Cheech when I say "Aw man, somebody stole that thing I ripped off!" All I did was borrow the spur graphic and a local chant, added some sparkle to the silver ink (that sparkle ink confirms you've got an original by the way) and there you have it!

It's gonna be a battle for us to make the finals this year, but after Finley's last two games and the fact we're talking about our Spurs with Pop at the helm, so dude... yeah - anything is possible!

Go Spurs!

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I Am So Ready For This!

Yes! High-Speed Rail - Bring it on!

More from the Wallstreet Journal: U.S. Commits $13 Billion to Aid High-Speed Rail and here's the a local Texas take from our San Antonio Express News: Obama Plan Boosts S.A.-Austin Commuter Rail.

Did I mention that I am so ready for this - finally!

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fake Authenticity

True Blood propaganda from Agency: DraftFCB, Auckland, New Zealand.

This campaign does not suck. Very nice.

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Thanks Freddy.

The Importance of Creativity

I love living in Monte Vista!

Last night after a nice early dinner my wife Chrissy and I along with our friends Amelia and Jackie walked a block and a half over to Laurie Auditorium and checked out celebrated British comic genius John Cleese as he discussed “The Importance of Creativity”.

Laced with small doses of the same dry and sardonic wit that Mr. Cleese brought to both Monty Python and Fawlty Towers, the funny, smart and insightful talk honed in on one of my favorite subjects - the all important aspects of unleashing the creative power of the subconscious.

Sighting the two psychology books he's co-authored, Families and How to Survive Them and Life and How to Survive It, it's clear that Mr. Cleese truly understands and cares deeply about not only the art of creativity, but more importantly how letting the internal and subconscious process "do it's thing" is vital to the evolution of any great idea, script or joke.

Bottom line: Play more. Work hard and play hard. It's not only OK to play and have fun, it's truly one of the best ways to simply and effortlessly let your mind work the way it was designed to work by making coherent lighting fast connections using all you collective knowledge retained within to resolve whatever it is you're working on. Intently ingest, sleep on it and the answers will come!

I've always referred to this as Thinkubation. Once I plant the seeds of an idea, project or personal challenge, study it, live it, learn it and understand it as much as my mind will allow, sometimes to the point of exhaustion, I put it away for a day or so, try to forget it and let my subconscious do it's thing - Thinkubate.

It's almost magic how effortless the process becomes when the idea or task at hand is revisited! After a good night's sleep, a cup or two of coffee (along with the proper time and workspace to focus ) the ideas seem to come from nowhere, lots of them flowing out quelling any anxiety I may have had and thus making it less of a chore and yes, fun!

It's amazingly comforting to know, trust and understand that once I take the first step and invest the time reading-studying-understanding something, I can then go about my daily routine while my subconscious works hard behind the scenes churning and connecting thoughts and ideas to assist me in not only doing my job to the best of my ability but also enabling me lead a more fulfilling, happy and anxiety free existence!

Awesome. Thank you John Cleese!

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Thanks to Trinity University and John Cleese. The Distinguished Lecture Series is made possible by an endowment gift from Mr. and Mrs. Walter F. Brown of San Antonio.

Side Rant: I realize this may sound like a luxury (and it is!) to those stuck in the corporate world working under the thumb of veteran, know it all hacks where face time, deadlines and forced brainstorming sessions rife with egos, deceit and hidden agendas always seem to override true innovation, freshness and real creativity. So, for those of us that are blessed and lucky enough to understand, appreciate and embrace the stimulation and thrill of authentic research, true collaboration, trial & error, a methodical approach, stream of conciousness thought processing, and discovery  -  rejoice and leave the anxiety, misery and ulcers to the drones of posers,  self centered higher-ups, the shallow and greedy status seeking wannabees with their fancy bullshit job titles, cliché mindset, pompous airs and meaningless accolades - I'll take happy, content and real over miserable, rich and fake every time!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Stick With What You Love

Ringo & Dazy
These are our awesome pups. They make me smile. Ringo's chilling out and Dazy is ready to go for another long walk...

Meanwhile... this also made me smile - check out these simple keys to surviving this thing we call life:

Stick With What You Love
Think Big and Noble
Be Expressive
Practice What You Preach
Keep an Open Door
Offer a Guiding Hand
Be Consistent
Stay Positive

Learn more about the 8 Ways to Inspire Others.

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Thanks to Another Company

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Tiny Green Monster

This is wicked cool.

Live scores, batter's count and more with no monthly fees - nice!

My Live Board gives you real time baseball game stats in a 100% solid ash frame complete with Wireless Bluetooth® Technology enabling cycling through the league when your not following your favorite team.

But 200US for a web enabled LED Scoreboard, is a bit pricey considering the same info is available totally por nada online and via my iPhone.

That said, I really dig the retro design and yeah, I'd probably grab one if it came down to the $50 ballpark.

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Wednesday, April 08, 2009



Graphkin: 2ply recycled graph paper napkins.

Some of the world's greatest designs, famous buildings and innovative ideas have all started out as sketches on paper napkins. Now with Graphkin you can skribble with precision accuracy!

From the mind of Colin O'Dowd.

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Tuesday, April 07, 2009


I totally love this!

Throughout 2009, a number of events have been planned to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall.

Check out the Info-Trepp, brain child of Katharina Bardens. The Info-Trepp is a mobile info-pavilion incorporating a traveling exhibition, viewing platform and café is designed to become the meeting point for guided tours of sites throughout the city best showing the development of Berlin since the fall of the wall, i.e. Potsdamer Platz, Hauptbahnhof, etc.

The pavilion can be entered from three sides enabling it to adjust to the specific urban situation and the individual elements of the walls can be taken apart and loaded onto a trailer for easy transport.

Imagine this concept as a Texas Ice House with the stairs doing double duty as bleachers to simply relax and enjoy the view or perhaps as a riser to check out a live band, performance or art installation... Hmmmm....

More info: A Changing Berlin.

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Friday, April 03, 2009

Texas Lake House

Man, I really dig this awesome Lago Vista Lake House - the whole back of the house is wrapped in glass from floor to ceiling.

Commissioned by a highly creative family including a painter, writer and set-designer, the lago vista residence is a vacation home which doubles as an artists' retreat.

The house is a simple shed structure with a large cantilevering roof covering an expansive exterior patio. Cantilevered structure is further expressed in the foundation in order to convey a sense of levitation.

The entry side of the house is expressed as a wood box containing the functional aspects of the program. Having passed through the utilitarian core, the house opens on all sides toward the patio and creek beyond.

Very nice work from Bercy Chen Studio LP.

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Thanks to Design Milk.