Friday, April 17, 2009

Yo Adrian!

Yo Adrian!
That's Right! My Spurs clinched their first Southwest Division championship since 2005-06 after Wednesday's overtime victory vs New Orleans!

Go Spurs!

And hey, do y'all remember those Lakers Suck t-shirts I did way back in 2002, the original black and silver ones? (and by original I mean first), well check out the under-shirt of true blue Spurs fan Adrian, a waiter at the Oak Hills Country Club during the recent Recycled Style Show event.

And speaking of those Lakers Suck t-shirts, although I no longer sell the originals (my first batch of 144 sold out in 3 days!) there seems to be no shortage of lazy, lame knock offs available out there - I wish I could find a few versions that are closer to the version I did with the spur - I'd totally buy one!:

Here, here, here, and here!

I love it and I feel like Cheech when I say "Aw man, somebody stole that thing I ripped off!" All I did was borrow the spur graphic and a local chant, added some sparkle to the silver ink (that sparkle ink confirms you've got an original by the way) and there you have it!

It's gonna be a battle for us to make the finals this year, but after Finley's last two games and the fact we're talking about our Spurs with Pop at the helm, so dude... yeah - anything is possible!

Go Spurs!

That's Right,


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  1. I'm with you Mike, a person isn't a fan if they're only into it when their team's expected to win. It's about remaining a fan when it looks like they won't. Beating Dallas in this first round will make this a great season. If the team gives up, fine... give up on them. But you have to be a jerkwad to give up before Finley does. Finley didn't get the memo about the season being over.