Friday, December 15, 2006

The Atkins Group Christmas 2006 FlashThang©

Seasons Greetings form moi and all the cool kids I work with over at The Atkins Group.

Check out The Atkins Group Holiday Message

Peace and Happy Christmas!

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Hi-Fi Genius!

Stumbled upon this over here.

This is one of the coolest rigs I've ever seen!

They claim it's German - all I know is this thing is sweet and it need to be recreated and updated with new guts.

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The Magical Mystery Stream

The Magical Mystery Stream Is Going To Take You Away!

Launch The HMK Magical Mystery Stream

Copy the url and paste it into your iTunes:

iTunes>Advanced>Open Stream>Paste url

My friend Scott Blackwell took this awesome shot scuba diving last year. I helped out with a little retouching and just had to post this.


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