Sunday, June 17, 2007

Dude - We Did It!

Go Four It!

Get yours over at the Totally Bueno Store!

Congrats and Go Spurs!

That's Right,


My Dad & Raquel Welch!

Look what else I just found while going through some old files!

Here's a cool shot of my Dad (bald guy, glasses, far left) checking out Check It out Raquel Welch's see through macrame skirt on stage at a USO function somewhere in Thailand circa 1969.

Now, if I could only find the footage from the guy in the foreground's movie camera...

Go Dad!

That's Right,


Vintage Rackspace Banner Ad 2001

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While looking for an old logo in my archives this morning I found a vintage banner ad I did for Rackspace (thanks to some technical help from Beau) back in 2001 that, for some reason, didn't make the final cut...


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