Thursday, February 14, 2008

Clean & Crafty

Check out these too cool & crafty bathroom ideas from over at Craftzine.

First up is the Hitchcock-inspired Psycho bathroom. And I'm really digging the Yellow Submarine version.

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Happy Valentine's Day!

Tune in to the latest HMK Mystery Stream here: Episode 044: Three Hearts.

And check this out: Happy Valentine's Day!

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Mastercard's got a new name, Mastercard Worldwide. Not to mention a complete rebranding and well, uh, what the hell?

Is it just me or is the middle circle off center? And what were they thinking by dropping the crisp and clean interlocking circles - the core essence of their mark?

Wow. The more I study this I can only wonder... Did they really think that by adding more circles and gradients it would make it's once instantly recognizable logo better? Dang. This is just flat out lame.

Somebody over at Mastercard needs to Google restraint...

Details on the de-evolution over at: Mastercard Brand Center

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Once again, thanks to Freddy.