Monday, October 26, 2009

Tokyo Auto Show

Wow, these new rides are really making me miss my 1966 convertable VW Bug I sold back in 2000. Check out my two favorite electric cars and concepts from this year's Tokyo Auto Show thanks to the smart folks over at Wired.

The above Honda nails the retro vibe with it's update of the N360 from late ‘60s. Dig the EV-N. It's lithium-ion battery gets some juice from a rooftop solar panel. And I totally agree with Wired - Note to Honda: Build this car. Immediately.

And what's not to love about the wicked smart and utilitarian Basket. Pure and simple, both in name and concept, Basket from Daihatsu will definitely be at the top of my list if it becomes a reality.

Check out the other and way more futuristic concepts from Wired: Tokyo Auto Show.

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