Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Ten Tips for Coordinating Corporate Clients

Whether you’ve been put in charge of your corporate website, or you’re a freelancer who’s been hired on, designing a website for a corporation is never routine. There are turf wars, inner-departmental battles, upper management issues, and precedent that you must deal with.

Typically with freelancer jobs, there is only one client. However, in a corporation, there are many clients that you will have to deal with. These clients could be head of certain departments, divisions, or offices.

In regard to overall efficiency, getting the best results and maintaining a realistic time line, the tip that really hit home for me is about the importance of Establishing a Single Point Of Contact.

When dealing with departments or divisions, it is absolutely critical that there is a single point of contact for each one. If you don’t have a single point of contact, then there will be nothing to stop dozens of different people from contacting you and flooding you with content changes, design “suggestions”, and the like.

If you're like me, and you like to make sure things get done in the smartest, most efficient way, you'll appreciate these ten tips over at >>> Dev Lounge.

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