Sunday, March 11, 2007

Nice Color Palette Generator

Wow, get a load of this sweet Color Palette Generator!

Below is the color pallette it derived from the image of a proposed version of the "2008 Let's Go Nice!" travel book I'm working on as seen above.

This awesome little generator let's you enter the URL of an image to get a custom color palette that matches the image.

Just be sure to keep the file size of the image you upload under 150kb and you're good to go!

Whether you're a web designer, painter, an interior person or anyone that simply digs color harmony, I think you'll like this.

In the right hands, this is a super nice, smart and powerful little information tool - so why not use it. Although not totally perfect yet, it's a great start.

If this was mine I'd sell it to flickr - a perfect place for a tool like this to live.

That's Right,


Thanks to the smart folks over at De Graeve.

Who's Your Padre?

South Padre Island Spring Break 2007

Man, you just never know where your logo will end up...

Although yet to be fully implemented, the "Who's Your Padre!" campaign features this little Padre dude I created for the agency that handles the South Padre Island Convention Visitors Bureau, headed by the awesome Sir Dan Quant - all around nice guy and a perfect client if there ever was one!

Check out the site James Lewis, Erik Arradondo and I put together for the agency: South Padre Island.

Have a safe Spring Break everyone - I'll be up at SXSW in Austin rockin' out, checking out some indie flicks as well as all the cool interactive stuff goin' on.

Go Padre!

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