Sunday, March 11, 2007

Nice Color Palette Generator

Wow, get a load of this sweet Color Palette Generator!

Below is the color pallette it derived from the image of a proposed version of the "2008 Let's Go Nice!" travel book I'm working on as seen above.

This awesome little generator let's you enter the URL of an image to get a custom color palette that matches the image.

Just be sure to keep the file size of the image you upload under 150kb and you're good to go!

Whether you're a web designer, painter, an interior person or anyone that simply digs color harmony, I think you'll like this.

In the right hands, this is a super nice, smart and powerful little information tool - so why not use it. Although not totally perfect yet, it's a great start.

If this was mine I'd sell it to flickr - a perfect place for a tool like this to live.

That's Right,


Thanks to the smart folks over at De Graeve.

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  1. And thanks to YOU for this post. I've been designing beadwork according the palettes of famous paintings. This handy tool helps me greatly.