Sunday, October 11, 2009

Does ATT Suck?

Not as far as I'm concerned.

After a long month + of problems with my first generation iPhone including dropped calls, hit or miss service like 5 hour spans of No Service in place of bars, a couple of days of internet searching and iPhone trouble shooting and then a trip to the Genius Bar we finally narrowed the problem down to a hardware issue. Most likely the antenna of my first generation iPhone .

Long story short, AT&T credited my account with 79.00 for the month of sucky service and I got a refurbished G3 iPhone for 49.00.

The only downer aspect is that the data plan is 15.00 more than the original plan I had with my first gen iPhone (blame that on the substidation of the G3 and G3s) and I had to commit to another 2 year contract.

Considering today's outcome, the really nice and helpful AT&T folks I dealt with both on the phone and in the store where I scored the new phone, I'm pretty happy with AT&T and really don't mind another 2 year commitment.

Thanks AT&T!

That Right,