Wednesday, January 09, 2008

And Then There Were 3

Well, I think I've narrowed down my new ride choices to 3. Either the Smart Car, a Vespa or a new bike. We're getting an official Smart Car dealership here in San Antonio with a scheduled opening sometime in February. I've been drooling over these for ten years after spotting my first one in France back in 1998.

Smart USA has officially announced pricing and sale date for the new ForTwo. It'll be available in three trim levels with the entry level Pure Coupe starting at $11,590.

All models get a five speed gearbox with an automatic clutch that can be shifted manually or left to switch gears automatically. The middle offering (above), the Passion Coupe, is the one I've got my eyes on. It's $13,590 and comes complete with a glass panorama roof, alloy wheels, and air conditioning.

For $16,590 drivers will be able to get open air motoring with the Passion Cabrio.

All three models get a 1.0L three-cylinder 71hp engine and should get mileage in the low to mid forties.

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Rebranding: Xerox

At a town hall meeting and live webcast on January 7th, CEO Anne Mulcahy and president Ursula Burns of Xerox unveiled it's radical changes to it's logo and branding to Xerox’s 57,000 global employees.

I like the lowercase logo but the ball is not working for me.

Developed with Interbrand, it looks like it's from the same bag of marbles as the .Mac, Sony Ericsson and new AT&T mark...

Get the full press release and more over at Xerox

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