Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Fairest Fowl

This one's for Sir Joe Barfield - (You may know him as Joe Joe Jellyroll from his radio show on KSYM) Joe B is The Man to see if you're looking for a casa inside the loop of beautiful downtown San Antonio.

Now dig the totally stylie style chicken shots from photographer: Tamara Staples .

I need to find out who the styist was - these are awesome and such a bithin' concept to boot.

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Dig this cool home recycling center with compaction and collection. Designed by BMW Designworks, the ecopod cleans up the way you recycle with its eco-chic design and functionality.

After dropping an aluminum can or plastic bottle in the top opening, press the ecostep to hear the sweet sound of compaction. As the ecostep releases, the redeemable container automatically falls into the enclosed collection bin. Open the door and remove the bin for collection or redemption. Glass, paper and other recyclable items can be stored in the removeable bins inside the top lid.

Check it out: Ecopod .


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Shady Dell

This snug little 10' travel trailer was originally built in 1952 from plans out of Popular Mechanics.

Now it's decorated with vintage"Southwest" memorabilia and has a stovetop and ice box, this puppy sleeps two and goes for $45 a night.

So the next time you're cruzing through Bisbee Arizona and you decide to stop for the night forget the traditional and boring motel and check into the Shady Dell!

Check it out: Shady Dell .

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