Thursday, December 03, 2009

Real or Fake: Truth Detective App

Sweet! I'm totally stoked to finally share the first of a handful of Apps I've been working on with my team at CreekFrog that is now officially available at the iTunes Store!

Introducing: Real or Fake? Truth Detective!

Hawaii 5-0 - Genius or Lame? The truth - Genius!

Customize your test and share the truth!

Here's an excerpt from the official press release:

"To create a unique visual experience for “Real or Fake? Truth Detective,” CreekFrog collaborated with artist H. Michael Karshis, whose iconic iPod speaker art has been featured in Leander Kahney's Cult of iPod book."

I designed and created the industrial front-end look and feel along with streamlining the original concept.

Totally customizable, Real or Fake is really a sweet little social/party App that truly gets better the more you play and share. It's the perfect ice breaker!

Shit or Shinola?

Beatles or Stones?

Boxers or Briefs, Natural or Bottled, you get the idea - check it out, have fun and remember: Nothing Is Real Until It Is Shared!

That's Right,