Sunday, January 15, 2006

Acoustic Energy Wi-Fi Radio

I'm totally dying to check out this Acoustic Energy Wi-Fi Radio. It's the world’s first radio capable of accessing over 99% of internet radio stations broadcast anywhere in the world. Compatibility with all three major streaming formats gives the Wi-Fi radio an amazing choice of content from Britain’s BBC Radio1 to Brazil’s Radio Calypso! There’s no subscription to pay, no signal coverage problems and no international content boundaries.

From what I've read, the simple plug and play device links to any Wi-Fi network and broadband connection to stream both live and listen again internet radio content. Channels are listed alphabetically and the easy to use multi-function control knob makes choosing a station simpler than an FM radio. The AE Wi-Fi radio brings all the benefits of internet radio to the kitchen, bedroom or even the garden and can also play music stored on any Wi-Fi enabled PC in the home. PC and Mac compatible.

So far, no US availability! I'll keep y'all posted...