Friday, March 26, 2010

Long Live Books!

There's been a lot of discussion lately about the demise of the printed word on paper. But deep down, I don't believe for a minute that books, magazines and newspapers will ever really completely disappear. Reissues, collections and box-sets of everything from vintage newspaper comic strips, back issues of old magazines and newspapers will always be in demand in both digital and tangible form. In the same way that TV never eradicated radio, books and coveted first edition hardbacks will remain as the definitive "proof of purchase" for collectors and purists alike.

I mean really, can you imagine meeting one of your favorite author's after a reading and asking them to sign your Kindle?

With that said, long live books! Long Live Books is a small Minnesota studio that produces hand-crafted BOOKS that serve as both protection for your laptop or iPad as well as a tried and true old-school, anti theft disguise.

According to the site: Every exterior detail of BOOK has been considered, from the linen book cloth to the decorative book headbands for an effect that provides bibliophiles with tangible protection for their electronic information. On the inside, a tailored 100% wool felt sleeve provides a snug fit for your device when BOOK is closed with the integrated velcro edge. The natural German felt is a sustainable and renewable material that has an innate durability and timelessness.

BOOK is a secure sleeve combined simply and elegantly with a hard case to provide double protection for your laptop or iPad.

Keep reading and Long Live Books!

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Thanks to the smart folks at iLounge.