Monday, February 26, 2007

Searching for the Casbah...

Looks like this is definitely an Oscar party consisting of serious Jackie Earle Haley fans...

I was over at flickr and I searched the tag "Casbah" looking for this: THIS and found this awesome shot!

Nice shot.

And the photog ain't bad either... Fresh Direct.

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Verbal Identity

All of these non-latin based, seemingly nonsensical names for brands nowadays just make me chuckle. I mean, where do they come from and can we please see the list of the names that didn't make the cut?

Stuff like BRAVIA, AQUOS, NEXIUM, etc. What the hell?

Each one always sounds like it could either be one of 3 things:

A) A New Technology company, B) A New Drug or 3) a new Star Trek character...

Anyway. Have you ever wondered why certain brands always seem to be present in some back area of your mind, so that you'd only have to see the name and there's an image inside your head?

Bop on over to PingMag and read about 'Verbal Identity' expert Scott Milano as he explains why the sound of a brand name is so important.

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Had a great group of 30 + friends over last night for the Oscars to witness another star-studded episode in our man Jackie Earle Haley's comeback. Both Jackie and his wife Amelia looked absolutely fabulous last night!

Again, congrats and welcome back Jackie!

Now, we just can't wait for them to comeback home for some Texas Hold'em and some serious BBQ!

And speaking of BBQ... There's a nice interactive beef guide over at Fresh Direct.

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