Friday, June 23, 2006

Oi Vey!

Leave it to Tivoli Audio. They've introduced the new iYiYi home speaker system.

Available in black or white, the iYiYi features a built-in universal docking station for use with all dockable iPods, as well as a digital AM/FM radio, built-in alarm and digital clock. The system also sports two 3” full-range drivers, a remote control, auto-brightness blue backlit LCD display, rubberized knobs, Radio Data System (RDS) support, an auxiliary input, and stereo headphone output.

Tivoli said the iYiYi—which apparently gets its name from the Yiddish phrase contextually translated as “what will they think of next?”—will be available this Fall for $300.

Tivoli Audio

That's Right,



We’ve all been patiently waiting for a combination record player, MP3 player, CD player and wine/liquor rack and now CucumberLab, a design firm that specializes in making avant-garde designs for all sorts of quirky things, has delivered one unto us with its Sound Machine. The speaker is clearly inspired by the old gramophone, from which 200 watts of CucumberLab sound bellow. Never mind that it looks pretty decent, too, with a high gloss Awlgrip finish.

The wine/liquor rack holds 12 bottles, ensuring your turn-of-the-century theme party goes off without a hitch, all with grade A whiskey within arm’s reach. Just don’t get too soused that you can’t appreciate the 8” subwoofer. It’s like your house has become a speakeasy seemingly overnight. Thanks, CucumberLab & Nicholas Deleon!

Good luck getting a hold of one, though, since it’s only available in “limited production,” and their phones appear to be ringing off the hook.


That's Right,