Saturday, October 25, 2008

Beyond Starbucks

Good Coffee
Man, I really, really love coffee, really good coffee...

Here's a nice relaxing and insightful read from Ted Botha about one of life's greatest pleasures... Beyond Starbucks.

And what's good java without a chilled-out, mellow background soundtrack to enhance your already fabulous lifestyle? Well, it's still pretty damn good, but I believe the right audio can make it even more of an experience.

So, with that in mind... Tune in, all of the above goes perfect as you listen to me and my buddy Brian Parrish spinning fresh and jazzy art school coffee vibes, every other Saturday morning from 7-9am on KSYM 90.1.

Dig it live or grab the podcast version somewhere over here: Hammond Eggs.

Mmmmm. Coffee...

That's Right