Thursday, November 06, 2008

Smart Solutions In The Haus!

I'm helping my friends Tish and Bryan with research options for adding a small guest house on their property here in San Antonio. One of everyone's favorites so far is the awesomely smart KitHaus.

Earlier this year, DWR introduced KitHaus, a smart solution that redefines conventional prefab. Designed by Tom Sandonato and Martin Wehmann, Kithaus is an innovative aluminum structure that's assembled onsite using a proprietary clamping system that makes installation quick, economic and practically waste-free.

More Info: KitHaus.

And although their property is near the San Antonio river (you can't have house boats on the water - yet!) we're all digging this little gem:

The Schwimmhaus by German architects Confused-Direction is a green house boat designed to float around or just stay put on the shore. Its modern pre-fab aesthetic sets it aside from most maritime-y houseboats, and a green roof adds freshness and sustainable cred. Still under construction, Schwimmhaus is being built from wood salvaged from an old farm house in addition to other sustainable building materials.

Check out the progress: Das Schwimmhaus

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Muchas Gracias to the smart folks over at Inhabitat.