Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Things NOT to do with PowerPoint.

More like PowerPointLess...

Nice stand-up routine on the things not to do with your next PowerPoint presentation.

Are there really people that still use PowerPoint?

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Thanks to Brand Flakes For Breakfast.

A Visual History of Summer

Ah Summer...

While surfing for some vintage summer images I found a site called Square America. They've got some truly awesome amature photos from the first sixty summers of the 20th century featuring bathing beauties and brawny beefcake, sun, surf, and sand.

I just love the documentary feel and especially the unintentional crops and blurs of these images.

This above shot is from the 40's.

Grab yourself an ice cream or a popsicle, step back in time and check out the rest over at: Square America.

Have a great Summer!

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