Friday, August 28, 2009

Ubuntu Restaurant

Not that I'll be heading to Napa any time soon, but I've been following the incredible work of San Francisco architects Michael Baushke and Stuart Hills, founding partners of Apparatus, since 2005 after discovering them via an article in Custom Home magazine.

Their work, inside and out, is absolutely stunning.

Their latest gem is a new restaurant in downtown Napa, occupying a two-story volume in a 19th century stone structure. The space was transformed using sustainable and recycled materials to accentuate the inherent beauty of the existing building. There is no “theme”, only the natural textures and colors of essential materials, the activity of the open kitchen, and of course, wine.

Do yourself a favor and escape for a few moments: Apparatus Architecture.

The awesome photos are by Jen Siska.

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Association for Alzheimers in Guatemala: Lost

“If they could help themselves, we wouldn’t ask you.”

Wow. Powerful stuff from agency Wurmser Ogilvy & Mather, Guatemala.

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Thanks to I Believe In Advertising.