Thursday, February 14, 2008


Mastercard's got a new name, Mastercard Worldwide. Not to mention a complete rebranding and well, uh, what the hell?

Is it just me or is the middle circle off center? And what were they thinking by dropping the crisp and clean interlocking circles - the core essence of their mark?

Wow. The more I study this I can only wonder... Did they really think that by adding more circles and gradients it would make it's once instantly recognizable logo better? Dang. This is just flat out lame.

Somebody over at Mastercard needs to Google restraint...

Details on the de-evolution over at: Mastercard Brand Center

That's Right,


Once again, thanks to Freddy.


  1. Anonymous10:10 AM

    can't wait to see how that looks when it's only 1/2 inch wide and screen printed on everyone's card. i'm with you. - scott

  2. Anonymous10:15 AM

    Does make me wonder though...a thought I've been having a lot lately when designing identity. back when we were in school we were taught that a good logo design works from billboards down to small fax size (with exceptions made for custom faxable versions). In the era when logos are mostly viewed on monitors, are the old constraints still valid?
    The new MC logo still sucks though. Not that I ever cared for the old one...


  3. I think the old constraints are just as if not even more valid today. Questions like "Can the mark be reduced to a favicon?" or "Will it fit within the constraints of a widget?" need to be considered. Bottom line, I still believe that any logo or mark that can be reduced to fit on a postage stamp as well as work in black & white stands more of a chance of being memorable and communicate more clearly and more effectively than any over-photoshopped blob that reminds me of a Georgia O'Keeffe paining...


  4. If they were trying to create a mark to represent the murky swamp credit card debt sucks one into, they nailed it. Otherwise, it's "El Sucko Grande" - as my wife would say...