Monday, July 26, 2004

My Top 10 Fun Facts form Harpers Index for 2004 (So far, anyway.)

No.10: Chance that a British infantry recruit's reading and writing skills are no better than the average 11-year-old's : 1 in 2

No.09: Minimum price a Russian company charges to provide an alibi for an adulterer's absence : $34

No.08: Minimum number of Italian men accused of paying for a "sexual anxieties" diagnosis to avoid military service last winter : 150 [Sophie Arie, Guardian (London)]

No.07: Days of below-freezing weather last winter in Hell, Michigan : 86 [National Climatic Data Center (Asheville, N.C.)]

No.06: Number of cast members of the movie Predator who have run for governor : 3

No.05: Hours it took two surgeons to separate conjoined turtles in Arizona last February : 4 [University Animal Hospital (Tempe, Ariz.)]

No.04: Number of snowballs a New York City man sold on the street one day last December : 10 (He made $9.50)[New York Daily News (N.Y.C.)]

No.03: Number of monkeys fed a nine-course meal at last year's Chinese Banquet for Monkeys in Lopburi, Thailand : 3,000 [Tourism Authority of Thailand (Bangkok)]

No.02:Price of a dozen action figures of one's self, prototype included : $889.45

No.01: Rank of Texas among states in which the largest percentage of citizens lack health insurance : 1 That's Right. We're #1. [U.S. Census Bureau (Washington)]

But really, That's just sadly Wrong.

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