Thursday, August 12, 2004

You Are Not Alone: Soul Food

Ok. It's bedtime. You need something to read. You really don't feel like diving into one of the 3 books you're reading. The pile of magazines in the basket - done that. And you definitely don't want to read anything about technology, politics or Iraq. (That seems to be getting a lot more challenging than ever.) You need something not too long, thought provoking and substantive. A little something to ponder that just might assist in getting you a step or two closer to "what it all means". Or at least confirm the fact that you are not alone.

Enter Jugglezine.

Jugglezine is a sweet little site consisting of articles and essays for those of us that still believe that there is a better way of achieving some kind of balance in this crazy, fast paced, on-demand, spam filled, wi-fi, user id world we live in. In short, as the tagline says: Jugglezine is an unassuming e-zine about balancing work and life. Each article is also accompanied by these super fresh illustrations by Gianpaolo Pagni.

It's also goes great with that first morning cup of coffee. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

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Bon Appétit, HMK

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