Wednesday, September 08, 2004

I Don't Mind The Gap

Here's the latest, thanks to the site that confirms the fact that there are in fact bigger iPod freaks than I. Thank God! People are soooo into this bitchin' audio gizmo, and rightly so, it's crazy that I can walk around with 10,000 songs in my pocket. But, there are many that have the fever far worse than this music lover. And I'm praying for them and their families. There are also a lot of third party iPod venders and a quite a few of those are making a shitload of money thinking of ways to utilize, accessories, customized and, yes, capitalize (TR!), on this thing we call iPod.

-Back to our main story-

"Gapless Playback for Apple iPod" online petition

It says that iPod user Michael Barca has started a "Gapless Playback for Apple iPod" online petition. Gapless playback has been heavily discussed within the ipodlounge forums and Michael hopes that Apple will take notice.

Gapless playback is the playback of long songs or DJ mixes in a continuous stream without audible gaps.

I've never experienced this gap effect. And if this is about the memory buffer the iPod HD has to spin up on occasion, sfw? It's not like that gap you had between the 4 tracks on your 8 Track, (sounds like a line from a Deathray Davies song) or (Oh no, here comes another petition: we paid for a MONO 8 Track and you only gave us 4 tracks!)

But really, my Lani Makana, (G3 40 GB ipod) has a bunch of dj mixes that live in my supertikicoffeehouse Playlist, and I really don't notice any pause between songs. But, I do put a lot of custom and random transitions I've created/found, that are sort of auditory juxtapositions that keep things interesting and so, I guess I'm not really focusing on gaps as much as I anticipate them. (These cool transitions are great between just about anything, Know what I mean, Vern?) . Thus, MindGap:The Transition Blog premiering Winter 2004. More on that later...


"We, the undersigned, are requesting that gapless playback be integrated into the iPod via a firmware upgrade in the near future.

We want to show you, Apple, that there exists a large amount of iPod owners and possible future iPod owners, who desperately want this to be supported in iPod.

Perhaps you don't realize how important this is to iPod owners, but by this petition we hope to show you how essential this feature is to any digital audio player."

END OFF PETITION (unless you're going to sign it.)


I still feel this petition is missing something. I'll sign it if this means cross-fade as an option. And while you're at it Steve - what about the transfer of user-made equalizers? Then, we'd truly have iTunes To Go. Or iGo! Quick, somebody ©iGo!, NOW!

You heard that here first, folks!

That's Right,


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