Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Charlie Does Surf


Yo. Check out Charlie Does Surf from rickshawrecords.com. It's a surf Clash tribute that truly rocks. Click the above graphic to check out "Straight To Hell" by CHUM.

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  1. Anonymous12:03 PM

    I listened to the song you posted and was horrified! What kind of band name is CHUM?

    Chum like, "Hi-dee-ho, chim-chim-cheroo, old chum... spot of tea?" Or chum as in the bloody, frothing stew made from fishheads and dolphin lips used to attract sharks?

    Why can't you just post some easy listening music... like, say Donna Summer, Van Cliburn, or Coolio? I know you have those songs in your ipod!

    Viva los Commadore 64!