Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The SegueVox Shuffle Project

Hey y'all I've got a brand new little site, the SegueVox: (Click here to go straight to SegueVox!) It's dedicated to my collection of transitions and segues for all you Shuffle freaks to add some meaning to your so called random lives. Add these groovy little audio gems to your iPod Shuffle and experience the true meaning of random yet inspirational wisdom. Get ready to fire your shrink and 86 your Fortune Teller. With the addition of these SegueVox transitions to either your Shuffle or your iPod your life is guaranteed to be more interesting and you're certain to surprise everyone (including yourself) with these dead-on perfect little transitions. You'll truly be amazed at the 8-Ball like accuracy of these seemingly random transitions - because, as we all know - everything happens for a reason, and the SegueVox collection is no exception.

To date, The SegueVox Vault contains 1500+ audio segues complied over the past 25 years from various audio fanatics, speakers of Truth and yes, Guardian Angles! (More on these folks later). These audio gems range from chants, forgotten and rescued vintage thrift store vinyl, subliminal messages and prayers, shortwave grabs, old answering machine junk to radio grabs from foreign lands, alien transmissions, vintage radio commercials, tags and jingles, drunk people reading quotes of inspiration, hidden microphone gaga to a bunch of other impossible to categorize little treasures.


We'll be uploading files almost daily so feel free check back whenever you need a fresh random hit of subliminal inspiration.

If you simply can't wait, you can PayPal 6 Bux U.S. to kahuna@grandecom.net and we'll hook you up lickety-split. Volume One release date is May 09, 2005.

SegueVox is a subsidiary of Totally Bitchin' Recording and The Tiki Room Experiment

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