Tuesday, October 04, 2005

As If...

As if I needed another short cut for getting things done at the studio. Thanks to the folks over at The Ad Concepter I can take all the 3 hour lunches I want and sometimes even sneak in a movie...

And then there's this.

So, Dell. What is up? I thought y'all had dropped the Stoner Dude and were going to be exclusively tageting the upscale market. The pitch for your new Ditty is pretty sweet (makes sencimelia to me anyway) even more, it's proof that you can take the Dude out of Dell but you can't take the Dell out of Dude... Dude, that makes no sense. Anyway, dig the Dell Ditty

If you're like me and you like a fresh screen saver every now and then, you'll really dig this selection of swanky Pin Ups. If you're in need of a weather graphic you'll thank me for this one: Rain? (this one takes a second or two to load but, like the rain, it's worth the wait.)

Speaking of drinking, say hello to The Bar Man!

Ok, have a great week,


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