Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Cool Fresh Geek Stuff

Picasso said that genius is the art of concealing your sources. We’ve all got our own set of personal antidotes and secret sources that enable us to simply get the job done. Although these links are not exactly secret, they do, in both direct and abstract ways, influence the way I approach both work and play. Think of these as short cuts to what’s hip and happening as we speak. But be careful. Most of these sites have links and archives directing and linking to even more galleries and recommended sites that will lead you further down rabbit holes and seemingly endless avenues that will not only waste your precious awake time but will eventually invade your sleep as well. With that said, here are a few of my favorite sites I’ve put under the heading of Trends at my HMK Link Vault. Enjoy and please, don't for get to eat.

So, what’s up with the kids? A good place to start is Ypulse. And when I’m looking for cool gear and technology stuff I can always get a quick fix at Cool Hunting, PSFK, Gizmo Cool, and Uber Gizmo.

And being the Mac guy that I is, a week doesn’t go by without checking out The Cult of Mac. Leander Kahney, the author of last years best selling Cult of Mac book has a new book coming out November 2005 called The Cult of iPod featuring a couple of my iPod speakers (see above). Check out The Cult Of Mac and see what the Mac freaks are geeking on this week.

And as usual, there’s always the ever expanding HMK Link Vault.

Can’t wait to hear what Steve Job’s is going to announce today. I hope it’s more than an 80GB iPod...

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