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Only 15 Days To Halloween!

If you think this poster is cheesey, stay tuned - I've got some nice audio treats coming just in time for Halloween...

"Halloween was the time when the invisible world of the spirits was closer than at any other point in the year. Since spirits supposedly could help one predict the future, various methods of divining the future were used on Halloween and the results were accepted in all seriousness.They concerned such questions as the identity of future spouses, the chances for wealth or good fortune, and the identity of those who would die during the coming months."
-- "An American Book of Days"

For many months, now, your friend and mine, The Laughing Skeleton, has scoured the shelves of several libraries, poring over antiquated volumes of forgotten lore to bring you as many of the old divination techniques as can be found. They are all easy to do and require no exotic equipment or special knowledge. They do, however, demand a certain amount of curiosity and respect, they just might work!

Mirrors Can Be A Window To A Shadowy Realm That Mortals Hardly Ever See.
You can use a mirror to see the face of your Soul Mate. First, you must light a single candle. Just before midnight all others must leave the room and you must darken the room except for your candle. Facing the mirror and holding the candle in front of you with both hands, you must close your eyes and count to twelve. When you get to twelve you can open your eyes. In the mirror, just over your shoulder, you may see the reflection of the face of your Soul Mate. The image may disappear quickly, but, whatever you do, don't turn around until its gone.

Another way to see more in your mirror is to take it outside on Halloween night. Set it up so that it is filled with moonlight. A face will appear in the glass that will have a role in your future. The catch, is that it cannot be known whether that person will do you harm or benefit you.

Last, but not least, walk backwards down a flight of stairs into a darkened room. Use a hand mirror so you can see behind you. When you reach your 13th step, you will see your true love's face in the mirror. Watch your step!

A Ball Of String May Be The Thing To Catch Your Own True Love.
Just before midnight, open a window that faces the Moon and throw a ball of string or blue yarn out the window. Be sure to hold on to one end of the string and begin to roll it back up through the window. Recite a poem or rhyme backwards while you roll up the string. If the string catches on a branch or twig, listen closely as you tug it and ask "Who holds?" The wind will whisper the name of your Soul Mate.

Apples & Nuts May Tell Of Love's Future Bounty.
One way to use an apple to determine the name of your True Love, is to peel the apple in one continuous peel, being careful not to leave any skin on the apple or break the peel. Then, you must eat the apple and keep the seeds and stem in your left hand. When you've managed that, sit in a chair and throw the peel over your left shoulder with your right hand. The peel will form the shape of a letter on the floor. That is the first initial of the one you will marry.

A way to use chestnuts to determine which suitor will remain true to you is to carve your initials on one. Also mark several others with the initials of your possible mates. Years ago, these would have been placed in a circle, the nut marked with your initials in the center, on a hot hearth stone. You may place them in a Halloween bonfire, or even on a tray in the oven. Any nut that explodes violently may not be a good mate for you. After the chestnuts have cooked, the one whose nut remains nearest yours is the person that the fates have chosen for you.

To Summon Your Soul Mate, Invite Them To A "Dumb Supper".
Silent or Mute is the meaning of "dumb" intended here. To summon the spirit of your Soul Mate, or any other agreed upon spirit, a Dumb Supper will often produce favorable results. You alone, or with two other helpers, must prepare a meal and set the table without uttering a single word. When setting the table, you must set a place for the "guest" that you are inviting. The meal must be eaten in silence and food must be served to the "guest's" plate. Sometime before the meal is over, the visitor will make his or her presence known. You may catch a glimpse, but, more than likely, you will hear their voice.

The Colcannon
A Colcannon is a cake or mashed vegetable pie with certain objects baked into it; a ring, a coin, a toy, and a thimble. The entire cake must be divided up amongst everyone present. The person whose slice contains the ring will marry soon, the one who gets the coin will receive riches, the one who receives the toy will have children, and the one whose slice contains the thimble will never marry. Of course, the cake's fortune-telling power is strongest when served on Halloween, just before midnight.

See Your True Love's Face In A Dream.
To dream of your true love, you must eat a salt cake (a soft pretzel or salt bagel will do) before going to bed. You must not drink any water with the salt cake, nor can you speak to anyone until the next morning. Be sure to get into bed backwards. While you sleep, you will dream that a person brings you a drink of water. That person is your true love. The kind of cup that carries the water may tell you how wealthy you will be; gold is most favorable, glass is good, plastic or paper is not a good sign. If you dream that you get a drink for yourself, you will never marry.

You May Get To Peek At The Future On Halloween.
In Wales it was believed that if you peeked through the keyhole of the door to the local church as the clock was striking midnight on Halloween, you would surely see visions of those who will die in the next year. Their spirits being almost loosed from their earthly bonds.

A Circle Of Stones May Tell Your Fate.
Before the wood for the Halloween bonfire has been set in place, you must each pick a palm-sized stone and mark it with your name. The stones should be placed in a tight circle and the bonfire built on top of them. The next morning, when the ashes have cooled, they should be gently swept away to reveal the circle of stones. Anyone whose stone has moved significantly out of the circle will not be there to place another stone next year.

A Candle's Light Will Mimic Your Life.
A shovel-full of earth from a churchyard must be formed into a circular mound. A candle should be placed into the mound by each person present. After the Sun has set, the candles should all be lit by a single match. As each candle burns down, so will the life of the person who placed it. The candle that goes out first belongs to the person who will die first. The candle that stays lit the longest, belongs to the person who has the most life yet to live.

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