Wednesday, November 09, 2005

That's What It's All About

Customer Satisfaction!

David Pogue has some rules for electronics makers who want some consumer love this holiday season (and beyond).

Worship at the altar of good design and make customer satisfaction your religion. These should be your commandments.

I. Thou shalt not entomb thy product in indestructible plastic.

II. Thou shalt hire native English speakers to translate thine instruction manual.

III. Thou shalt not hype irrelevant specs.

IV. Thou shalt not charge tech-support fees for thine own mistakes.

V. Thou shalt not participate in rebate rip-offs.

VI. Thou shalt not hide from thy customers.

VII. Thou shalt remember the customer's phone number.

VIII. Thou shalt not prevent "zeroing out" of thy phone-mail maze.

IX. Thou shalt not hog the power strip.

X. Thou shalt not plan obsolescence.



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