Monday, January 09, 2006


Brooklyn: It's the Place Too Big For Just One Slogan.

A thousand would-be sloganeers answered Borough President Marty Markowitz's call for a boastful phrase that would boost tourism - but in the end, a single slogan wasn't enough.

"Brooklyn is too broad and diverse for one slogan," said Markowitz spokeswoman Jocelyn Aframe.

"It became apparent that one slogan wouldn't be able to express all that Brooklyn has to offer."

Instead, the Brooklyn Tourism Partnership will use several slogans - which range from the classy ("Brooklyn: Bridge to the World") to the wacky ("Brooklyn: The Tenth Planet") and possibly risque ("Do It In Brooklyn") - for specific advertising campaigns.

The contest started in April as an effort to rival such memorable slogans as "I N.Y." and the more recent "What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas."

Most of the suggestions - judged by a panel that included Brooklyn Academy of Music President Karen Hopkins and Brooklyn Brewery founder Steve Hindy - came from Brooklynites, but a handful came from as far away as Florida. Markowitz, who cruised to reelection in November, plans to publish all the entries in a handout at his Jan. 26 swearing-in at Brooklyn Technical High School.

The Daily News showed an early selection of slogans to Brooklyn residents last week and asked them to pick a favorite.

"We definitely have attitude in Brooklyn," laughed Shakeena Culler, a 27-year-old receptionist at the Allen School, who fancied "Brooklyn: the Birthplace of Attitude."

Mohamed Farhane, 22, of Park Slope, liked "It's Brooklyn, Baby."

"It seems like Brooklyn - short and sweet," said the St. Francis College senior.

But Mildred Brown, 67, didn't like any of the slogans - and then coined her own.

"There is no place like Brooklyn," the Fort Greene great-grandmother declared.

"I've traveled and there is no comparison. It's a world unto itself."

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