Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Seduced By Packaging?

Growing up with 5 younger brothers you'ld think that I got all the new stuff like clothes, shoes, toys and whatever while my brothers got stuck with the hand-me-downs, right? In reality, more times than not, I ended up with the dregs of my frugal parents friends and secondhand stores.

Until I was about 30 or so, breaking the shrink wrap on a new album bought with my paper route money or a piece of stereo gear from my table waiting tips was the closest I'd come to experiencing that mystical euphoria one must feel from that first wiff of that new car smell or anything else for that matter. (I'm currently driving a 94 Altima I bought used in 1995 and my two previous rides were my 1966 convertible VW Bug and a sweet 1969 short bed Chevy stepside truck.

That's probably why to this very day the thrill and ritual of opening something new makes me feel like an 8 year old on Christmas morning. With that said, and for numerous aesthetic and geeky design reasons, I'm sure you'll understand why I''m totally digging Unboxing.

That's Right,


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