Monday, June 19, 2006

This Has Nothing To Do With Pink Floyd

Dig old radio?

What about Sci-Fi?

Well, you're in luck my friends - because Zombie Astronaut is back!

Forget today's fancy podcast caca and go grab some real deal old time radio classics. Perfect for your headphones and evevn better on dark rainy nights just before bedtime!

Dark Side Of The Moon
Though the original moonwalk happened just over 35 years ago (providing you don't believe it was staged), in the days preceding that historical event we were forced to imagine what it'd be like to wander the surface or the moon. Most visions of this development involved hostile alien life forms whose technology surpassed ours. In this SF68 episode, recorded roughly a year before Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins stopped by, our astronauts do encounter an alien lifeform, though it's much simpler... and much deadlier.

As the Supernova speeds toward the moon, the astronauts aboard, Dick Revero, Charles Paris and James Casey, expect to land on a barren landscape, but there's something alive there... something swirling in the dust...

Go get Dark Side Of The Moon now!

You'll dig!

That's Right,


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