Saturday, October 14, 2006

Flirting in Traffic

Congrats to my friend Jennifer! She's getting some cool props (and making money!) with her Flirting in Traffic site.

Here's the drill according to the site - "You’re stuck in traffic. The driver next to you is pretty cute. And then the one time you almost don’t want the gridlock to end, their car has sped off."

This new website is now facilitating Craigslist Missed Connection-like matchmaking for the auto set. Go to the site to get a Flirting ID Number, build a profile, then post your assigned number on your car with the hopes that your future lover will look you up online.

Jennifer wrote the nice article for my spread in the October issue of Scene In SA Monthly.

And just in case - if you missed that article you can get it right here: HMK Scene In SA article.

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