Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Enthusiasm is Better than Confidence

Dive in and become who you are!

We all want to be confident, don’t we? It’s a word that crops up fairly often in coaching sessions, even with people who are very talented and successful. We’re all human, and for most of us there are times, places, audiences and situations where we feel we’d like to be a little more confident. For creative professionals, these typically include high-pressure performance situations, such as presentations, pitches, interviews, auditions and stage shows.

Of course we want to perform at our best in these situations, but the Creative Coaches over at Wishful Thinking think the word ‘confidence’ creates more problems than it solves and usually advise clients to change the word to ‘enthusiasm’.

Read all 5 Reasons and see why.

As both a creative in the overly political and ego driven advertising game and as concept/designer/artist guy by nature it's always been quite obvious to me that in regard to the business side of things - image, structure, strategic positioning, technology, products or services, we're all pretty much replaceable and everything we do can be copied.

In a world of potentially abundant talent it all comes down to the human factors and finding the people with the right attitude, energy and enthusiasm in addition to the talent. Nobody want's to work with an asshole no matter how much talent they've got - it's simply no fun and life is just too short.

It really all about the energy, enthusiasm, and attitude of each individual person and whether or not you connect, respect and believe in each other enough to do the best job you can and not care about who gets the credit.

I've always believed that a simple, humble, happy and rewarding life is all about relationships and surrounding myself with people that I respect, admire and truly want to be with whether it's friendships, my work, side projects or whatever.

I've been lucky enough so far to be blessed with an awesome wife and kids, great friends and family (even though our time together is a fraction of what it once was) good health and always just enough money to taste some of the finer thing this life has to offer.

And like the headline I wrote in regard to the dress code for Venus de Milo in Boston a few years back:

"Know who you are and dress accordingly"

Cheers and Happy New Year to my true blue friends and family - That's Right - you know who you are!



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